Fully Automatic Lip Balm Filling Line (150-200 parts per minute)


   The Kopis LPF-20 Lip Balm Filling Line is a fully automatic filling, capping, and ink jet date/lot code marking machine which can fill to a positive meniscus (above top lip). The line is capable of producing between 150-200 filled, capped and ink jet marked sticks per minute, with little operator intervention (keeping stick and cap hoppers filled).  The transport mechanism is designed for extremely smooth operation to eliminate spilling. The transport carriers are all removable without tools for easy cleaning. An open area allows operator access to the tubes and carriers while the machine is in operation without pausing the cycle. This equipment can also be utilized to fill other materials and components.


     This is a view of the 20-up Lip Balm Filling Head for our Lip Balm Tube Filling Line. The tubes are held in hard-coated aluminum removable fixtures.  They are propelled by an extremely smooth cam-operated precision walking beam mechanism.




       This is another view of the 20-up Lip Balm Filling Head for our Lip Balm Tube Filling Line.  Each fill nozzle is independently flow adjustable and has a non-spill feature. The fixtures are removed in this picture and the cam-operated precision walking beam mechanism can be seen (pocket rail).


       This is a view of the 20-up Lip Balm Filling Head for our Lip Balm Tube Filling Line. Most of the fixtures are removed in this picture, so the lifting mechanism can be seen. One fixture is shown sitting in the walking beam, ready to be transferred.

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